JRI appreciates all the donations and memberships we receive, large and small. We could not function without the support of all the individuals that provide donations. In particular, we would like to thank here those who have made substantial contributions to the JRI mission.

Endowment Members (more than $500.00)
Roger and Janna Winchell
Jim and Glenda Harris
Joan and Dave Eerkes
Jack and Susanne McCaw

Lisa and Kent Sparks

Contributing Individuals (more than $250.00)
Cheryl Lovett

Ron Barber
Kathleen Cotton
Robert and Lucinda Bergland
Kathy Roler Durand
Deborah Burk
Jill Franzen
Laura Perry
John Wheeler
Lay Powell
Dinah Hamilton
Karen Yates
Dawn Greenwald
Michael Farmer
Amy Leleux
Anne Ravenston

List of those Supporting Individuals who have given $100.00 to $249.00
Leroy and Linda Cockrell
Jerry Everhart
John Fitch
Patricia Gilman
Sharon Hanna
John Miller
Tom Motsinger
Jim Neely
Thomas Rocek
Lisa and Kent Sparks
Jeffery Troutt
Lynda Sanchez

Maragret Hird
Jeremy Davis
Mark Lawn