The Jornada Research Institute has a number of publications and reports that can be purchased. The list below shows our current offerings. We expect to have more common online in the near future. Some of these reports are compendiums of papers presents at the previous Tularosa Basin conferences. Others, like David Greenwald’s Creekside report, illustrate the research activity of our Institute Research Assistants. There is an order form below the titles and table of contents of each volume. You can drag the form to your desktop to fill out (it’s a jpg so click on the markup button on the toolbar and select the text box, drag the text to the appropriate spot and write) and send in with your payment. You can also pay by going through the “Donate” process on the website. If you choose this option be sure to fill out the form and write “web pay” at the “I prefer to make other arrangements option.” Or simply print out the form, fill it out and send it in.