JRI Events and Activities

Hello Members and Supporters.As the summer draws to a close and temps are dropping a bit, its time tothink about getting back to doing fieldwork and implementing otherprograms, specifically the lecture series in Tularosa (Tulie Talks).  Hereis a list of announcements regarding upcoming activities.1.      This past week we received our ARPA permit to […]

Geoarchaeology and Geomorphology in Tularosa Canyon

Geoarchaeology, Geomorphology, and Radiocarbon Dating in Tularosa Canyon Provide Key Insights into the Peopling of the Tularosa Basin from the Last Ice Age to the Historic Settling of Tularosa Dr. Vance Holiday with the University of Arizona’s Institute of the Environment is both an archaeologist and a geomorphologist. In recent years, Dr. Holiday has been […]

Research Complete at Petroglyph National Monument

JRI Research Associate Jeffery Hanson has completed his investigation of the distribution of fluteplayers and other fertility-related petroglyph motifs at Petroglyph National Monument. To view a summary of his results, go to the “Research Activity” and scroll to “Plains and Southwest.”

Volume 1 of Creekside Village Report is Now Available

The first volume of the investigations at Creekside Village is back from the printers and available. RECONSIDERING THE MESILLA PHASE IN THE TULAROSA BASIN provides a summary of preliminary investigations at this large village and irrigation community settlement in Tularosa Canyon. In the volume, David Greenwald examines major elements of the site, which are highlighted by a […]

JRI Associate Joan Price Wins Award of Distinction

The El Paso Archeological Society President Fernando Arias presented Joan Price with their 2018 Award of Distinction “in Recognition of Her Southwest Archaeological Research and Her Love of the Southwest Culture and Its People”at the State Line Restaurant Sept. 15. Price, a research associate with JRI, has worked for more than 20 years at the […]

House of Representatives Vote to Strengthen Historic Preservation

House Votes in Strong Support of Historic Preservation On Wednesday night, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to increase funding for preservation programs and defeated an effort to reduce funds for the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). Thanks to all of you who have advocated on behalf of historic preservation; your voices make a […]

History and Ethnography Via Radio in Southern Arizona

Since last fall Deni Seymour, with her O’odham colleagues, has been broadcasting a new radio show at KWAK, 102.5 fm: A:cim Wa:k O’odham / Us: Wa:k O’odham. This is a community radio station heard throughout much of the San Xavier del Wa:k and Tucson area. They provide a program on the history and ethnography of the […]

Deni Seymour Wins Prestigious Award

Deni Seymour’s paper, “‘To Take Death From The Enemy’: The Juh-Cushing Battle Site,” was awarded both the Goldwater and the Bufkin prizes at this year’s Arizona History Convention! Each prize comes with a plaque and a cash award. The Goldwater is the award for the Best Convention Paper on Arizona History and the Bufkin is […]