Spider WaitsA Southwest Mystery by Jeffery Raymond Hansson, JRI VP and Research Associate

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Excerpt: “Taking the lug wrench from her hand, he took a step toward the flat tire and paused. Suddenly, he wheeled around and swung the lug wrench at Dana, connecting with her left side.
‘Uhhhh,’ Dana groaned as a sharp pain burned from her rib cage up to the shoulder.
‘Damn, what the hell_____.’ Before she could finish her shocked plea, he grabbed her and threw her onto the trunk of the Camry.” read more…



Beyond “Nectar” and “Juice”: Creating a Preservation Ethic through Reality TV.
JRI Research Associate and Vice-President Jeffery Hanson has an article published in the Society of American Archaeology’s Archaeological Record, entitled,  Beyond “Nectar” and “Juice”: Creating a Preservation Ethic through Reality TV. It is one in a series of articles addressing the theme of archaeology, public outreach, and how archaeology is portrayed on reality television programming. Here’s the link: http://www.saa.org/Portals/0/SAA/Publications/thesaaarchrec/March2015.pdf

Jeff has also co-authored a report entitled, Looting in Texas: An Examination of the TARL Database, in the Spring 2015 Newsletter of the Council of Texas Archaeolgists. Here is the link: http://counciloftexasarcheologists.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/Spring-2015-Newsletter.pdf