Margaret (Marglyph) Berrier, one of the Jornada Research Institute’s rock art researchers has been elected to the American Rock Art Research Associations (ARARA) board of directors. Marglyph has been a member of ARARA since 1988. Previously Marglyph has served on many of the ARARA committees including the education, scholarship, and awards committees. She hopes to continue to work on those issues. ARARA’s mission is dedicated to the support of rock art research, conservation, and education. Like JRI, ARARA is a 501c-3 and depends on volunteers to achieve its mission. Marglyph hopes to continue working on her documentation and academic studies for JRI as well serve on the board of directors for ARARA. She is hoping her collaboration with ARARA might also bring her new insights and collaboration to help with documentation and preservation of the rock art of the Jornada Mogollon region which, after all, is her favorite area.