Jornada Research Institute (JRI) and Emery Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) are excited to offer training in the use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) (the use of Drones for collecting data) remote sensing. This training has been approved by the NMSHPO for continuing education credits (CEC) for permitting purposes for those who need additional CEC units. This training will be a two-day class as outlined in the attached table. It includes photogrammetry applications, LiDAR data collection and using Infrared cameras in archaeological contexts. Drones have become popular tools yet only a few individuals truly understand how best to maximize data collection.

As part of this class, ERAU will have a staff of two professors – Dan Macchiarella and Kevin Adkins – along with 21 of their students. This training will be open to Jornada Research members at no charge allowing members to learn about the use UAS applications. For those who wish to get CEC units, the class is $90.00 per day. Those taking it for credit must take Day 1 in order to also attend Day 2. The class is limited to 10 participants. If you are a current JRI member , the fee is discounted to $155.00 for the two-day course and to $80.00 for only Day 1. The first day will be primarily classroom instruction. On the following day, we will be collecting photogrammetry, LiDAR and IR imagery from targeted locations in Tularosa Canyon at Creekside Village, Twin Kivas, and the Great, Great Kiva site.

Dan Macchiarella has experience conducting UAS data collection in various locations in Europe and brings that background to New Mexico along with past courses in data collection techniques. We are fortunate to be able to have arranged to get them here and to offer this training.

Wednesday 21-Jul-21 8:00am UAS for Remote Sensing Overview Classroom
    9:00am UAS Regulations
    9:30am Planning UAS Operations
    10:00am Break
    10:20am Flight Activity(s): Classroom
      Basic Hand Flying
      Basic Aerial Photography
    12:00pm Lunch On your own
    1:00pm Lesson or Applied in Field Setting: Classroom/desert
      Planning Photogrammetric Flights
      Conducting Photogrammetric Flights
      Collecting Data – Discussion
      Processing Data – Discussion
      Presenting Data – Discussion Tularosa Canyon
    4:00pm Debrief, Clean Up and Recover
    5:00pm Dinner/Social hour to review Casa de Suenos or GC
Thursday 22-July-21 8:00am UAS Operations/Data Collection Creekside Village
    12:00pm Lunch: shade along Rio Tularosa Bring your own
    1:00pm UAS Operations/Data Collection Creekside Village
    4:00pm Debrief/Clean up and recover
    5:00 pm Social hour/Catered Dinner Tularosa Vineyards