I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join Jornada Research Institute. I hope you have been enjoying the periodic updates that I share with our membership and also our Newsletters. We are about to initiate on-line lectures through Zoom. We will be limited to a maxium of 100 participants. Therefore, we will only make these presentations available to current members. You can become a member by using the attached membership form or going to our website and using the “donate” button. Some presentations will be by JRI researchers and others by invited lectures. We hope to cover a number topics from various fields, and perhaps some from around the globe.


Our first presentation is scheduled for February 5th (Friday) at 6:30 pm Mtn time zone. For those not familiar with Zoom, its easy to download. Each active JRI member will receive an invitation from me. The invitation will contain the Zoom meeting reference number and a passcode. Upon opening Zoom, click on “Join A Meeting”. You will then be prompted to enter the reference number, then the passcode. You will then be placed in a “waiting room”. I will monitor the waiting room and invite each person waiting to join the meeting. At that time, you can activate your audio and video and I will try to acknowledge each member as they enter the meeting. When the presentation starts, I will deactivate each person’s audio to prevent background noise from interfering with the presentation. Questions can be asked following the presentation after I reopen participants audio.  

Be sure to periodically check back to this website for announcements on upcoming zoom events.