JRI to Offer More Training Classes.

JRI will be now offering two additional training courses that have been approved by the New Mexico Historic Preservation Division for one hour-per hour workshop continuing education credit for permit renewals. Starting this fall, we will be offering a one-day training course in the Native American Graves Protection Repatriation Act. The class will provide attendees with an understanding of the historical factors that led to the passage of NAGPRA, the provisions and stipulations involved in the NAGPRA process, and case studies in human remains excavations and analysis, inadvertent discovery, consultation and criminal activity. We will also be offering a one-day training course on site condition assessment. The purpose of this class will be to instruct attendees on the importance of conducting detailed and comparable site condition assessments for data management and treatment purposes, and to provide them with a methodological tool to achieve those goals. The course will consist of two parts: part one will consist of a morning in-class session of the presentation of condition assessment concepts, methods and examples; part two will consist of a field application of the condition assessment methodology on an archaeological site. Times and locations (Zoom possibility for the NAGPRA training) for these classes has yet to be determined, but they will be post on our website and in announcements on the NMAC listserv and other outlets.