Hello Members and Supporters.
As the summer draws to a close and temps are dropping a bit, its time to
think about getting back to doing fieldwork and implementing other
programs, specifically the lecture series in Tularosa (Tulie Talks).  Here
is a list of announcements regarding upcoming activities.
1.      This past week we received our ARPA permit to conduct testing of the
reservoir at Creekside Village. This means that we are free to initiate
our proposed approach to studying the area that I believe is a reservoir
and will schedule specific dates (see below) for organized field sessions.
2.      Jornada Research and the Tularosa Arts and History Council (TAHC) have
joined together to help bring the Ronda los Carrozas de Cifuentes (a
traditional Spanish Christmas Music program) to Tulaorsa. This group will
be coming to New Mexico from Guadalajara, Spain, under a New Mexico
Humanities Council grant (for small communities) and will spend two days
in Tularosa doing presentations and performing for the intermediary school
and for the public (details to be announced as the date draws nearer). The
program for the public is free. This will be a great opportunity to
observe and enjoy some traditional Spanish holiday music by this Ronda
group, an aspect of humanities linked with cultural heritage.
3.      Jornada Research, under the tutelage of Dr. Jeffery Hanson, will be
offering a two day training course in Albuquerque on the National Historic
Preservation Act on Oct 22 and 23. This class is approved for continuing
education credits for professionals but also is informative and
educational for others who have an interest in Historic Preservation or
may have to deal with Historic Preservation matters as part of their job
responsibilities. The course is $175.00 for professionals and $140.00 for
students. For more more information contact Jeff Hanson (817) 658-5544 or
4.      Tulie Talks is in need of finding a venue that will accommodate 40 –
50 people comfortably, suitable for showing films/videos, powerpoints, and
lectures. We have several presentations that we could be sharing with you
if we could find a location. Our preference is to continue in Tularosa,
one presentation each month. If you have any ideas for a workable venue,
please contact me. The Dry Goods Store on Granado was great; good
location, size was more than sufficient, and good acoustics.
5.      Creekside Village and Twin Kivas: We are scheduling a work session for
Sept 21 and 22. With the receipt of the ARPA permit (No. 1 above), we will
begin testing the reservoir by first conducting systematic auger coring to
examine sediments. Also, Sept 21 is the fall equinox and I plan to gather
data on the shadow casting of Round Mtn and sunrise on the horizon in
relation to the kivas at the Twin Kivas site. I plan to be at the Twin
Kivas site at 6:15 to prepare for the sunrise. Anyone interested in
helping document this event or who wants to simply observe is welcome.
Once the shadow casting is over, we will head for Creekside to work on the
reservoir. For those wanting to participate at Twin Kivas, let’s meet at
the wye in Tularosa and plan to leave there at 6:00 AM. For Creekside,
let’s meet at the wye again at 8:30 AM and then shuttle to the site.