JRI Research Associate Joan E. Price, MFA, writer, photographer and educator, has been visiting and studying the vast Three Rivers Petroglyph Site fifteen miles north of Tularosa for over 25 years since she moved to Tularosa from Santa Fe. She is offering an in-depth study of the Three Rivers Petroglyph Site during for the Spring 2019 Community Education division of New Mexico State University-Alamogordo. Three professional PowerPoint presentations, research papers and discussions will be the class materials for three classes and two free, guided tours to Three Rivers Petroglyph Site.

Price collaborates with several contemporary Native Americans who have visited the huge collection of images that they consider an ancestral sacred landscape to add a strong ethnographic component to her findings.

Class 1 will be an introduction to Three Rivers Petroglyph Site and the professional research and findings about the prehistoric occupations.Participants will learn about numerous motifs, ethnographic and cultural landscapes created by prehistoric occupants and solar animation of images on stones at Three Rivers.

For Class 2, class participants will view and discuss a Power Point presentation ”Clay and Stone” that Price recently showed at the 20th Mogollon Archaeology Conference in Las Cruces. Several petroglyphs experts have noted the strong visual and thematic relationship between the iconography on famed prehistoric Mimbres pottery styles and a style of petroglyphs at Three Rivers Petroglyph Site.  Students will see several Mimbres style glyphs and are encouraged to study Mimbres style paintings before they come to compare the two different media applications-beautiful clay bowls and rugged stone facades

Class 3 will focus on the numerous images of felines and possibly jaguars with many significant associated glyphs. The locations of these petroglyphs are very difficult to access and so students will view and discuss the finding in the classroom setting.

On Spring Equinox 2019, Price will lead a free, guided tour and discussions beginning at 8:30 at Three Rivers Petroglyph Site parking lot. Participants will have an opportunity to observe several solar alignments with specific glyphs that take place at this specific time of the year and discuss an early calendar system for community activities outlined by the late Alfonso Ortiz, anthropologist from the Pueblo of San Juan.

Check the NMSU-A website http://nmsua.edu/continuing-ed/commed/ for the Spring Semester to sign-up for this class.