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Date(s) - 12/01/2018 - 12/16/2018
9:00 am - 6:00 pm


1. Those of you who have been following my recent presentations,
volunteering at Creekside Village, or reading our newsletter will recall
that I have been referring to the Twin Kivas site and its related ditch
system. The Twin Kivas site is partly located on BLM lands and partly on
private property owned by Karl Vetters, who recently joined JRI. Karl has
asked us to conduct testing of the great kivas on his property. On
December 1 and 2, we will begin testing one of the kivas. I am hoping that
we can encourage a few of our members to join me next Sat and Sun to begin
this terrific undertaking. Our objective is to excavate two test pits in
an attempt to locate and identify the bench, floor and upper walls at the
north and south points of the kivas. The weather will be cool, with a high
of 48 predicted for Saturday, but it will be sunny. Please let me know if
you plan to join us so I will have an idea of how many to expect and can
bring enough equipment. Participants should bring water, lunch and
appropriate clothing, hat and gloves. We will essentially be able to drive
to the site area. Let’s meet again at the wye (junction of US 54/70) in
Tularosa at 9 AM. I will probably be driving my dually with equipment in
it. ATTENTION STUDENTS: here is a thesis topic waiting to be
developed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another rare opportunity presents itself.

2. On December 14th, we will be having a Christmas party followed by a
film that Dr. Neely will introduce. We plan to start the festivities at 6
pm at the Dry Goods Store in Tularosa. If you would like to bring
something, please do. We will have coffee, tea, and hot chocolate and
maybe hot scotchlates. The film is titled “Agave is Life” and was produce
by one of Dr. Neely’s students, David Brown. The film is nearly an hour
long, begins with the Mescalero Apache, visits every region in the SW and
Mexico where agave grows, and ends with the Mescalero. It is a very
informative documentary and I highly recommend it. Please make note that
we will begin one-half hour earlier than usual on December 14th. Access to
the Dry Goods Store can be gained from either Granado Street or from the
parking area behind the store. Construction is ongoing on Granado.

3. We will be returning to Creekside Village on December 15 and 16 to
continue our efforts in the kiva. We made great progress last weekend in
defining the entryway and removing fill from the SW 1/4 of the structure,
where upper wall collapse is represented by huge blocks of adobe lying on
top of the collapsed burned roof. We have very good floor in this portion
of the kiva and we may have located the third main support post hole. We
will meet at the wye in Tulie at 9 AM. Last weekend was perfect weather
for working at the site. Again, please let me know if you plan to attend.

And, in case you missed it, the first volume of Creekside Village is at
the printers. We expect it soon although I have not received a copy to
proof yet. I hope to have copies available by December 14th.

Also, watch for our Fall newsletter. It should be ready by Dec 1 and I
will be sending it to our members about then.