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Date(s) - 03/03/2021
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Journey Through Time: Prehistoric Life Ways in the Tularosa Basin

Joan Price, a research associate with JRI, is offering a short series of classes and guided site tours for the lay audience beginning March 3rd at New Mexico State University in Alamogordo. Interested people should sign up very soon.

Joan with her Olympus digital camera

Joan has a Master in Fine Arts and a continual interest in how humans hand-made everything they needed for successful lives in the pre-Columbian world of experiences and adventures. We will be looking at petroglyphs on stones (such as the single line design, pictured below), artifacts in cliff shelters, agricultural terraces along the rivers and basin flats, and evidence of communities both throughout the massive Sierra Blanca mountains and the Sacramento and San Andres mountain chains that encompass this region.

This course introduces the extensive history of professional archaeological and anthropological research of sites dating from 10,000 BC to contemporary scientific findings from Archaic game hunters transitioning to corn agricultural and the development of critical inventions and dramatic pottery traditions. In addition, she will share Native American perspectives that contribute a living dimension to the environment and living landscapes.

The classes will include PowerPoints based on research papers that Joan has presented at professional and public audiences and time for class discussions. Registration and class information is available at the Spring Catalog, calling Cristy at 575-575-3842 or email