Ancient Odysseys Gives a Nod to JRI

Ancient Odysseys, a website site devoted to helping people find paleontology and archaeology digs around the world, shared an article from Afar. AFAR is the world’s leading travel media brand. The article was written by one of the volunteers who experienced the joy and challenge of working at Creekside Village.

Exciting New Coronado Research from Deni Seymour

For the past year and a quarter, we have been working on a set of new Vasquez de Coronado sites. They are the first sites from this expedition discovered here in Arizona. The evidence of this earliest European expedition into southern Arizona is robust and unquestionable. This discovery is supported by an abundance of evidence. […]

Upcoming Zoom Presentations by Margaret Berrier

Jornada Mogollon Conference (acceptance pending). Zoom presentation October 16, 2021 Cañada Alamosa Rock Art Summary, Socorro County, New Mexico   Abstract: Before documentation it was assumed that most of the rock art in the Canada Alamosa would be Apache/protohistoric but during on site documentation the team realized there was a Mogollon Red component. Furthermore, after […]

JRI Accepting Article Submissions

The Jornada Research Institute is now accepting article submissions for an anticipated volume of its Jornada Research Publications series. Topics can range from archaeology, ethnohistory, ethnography, history, geology, geoarchaeology, and biology within the broad region of the Tularosa Basin and adjacent areas of Arizona, New Mexico, west Texas and northern Mexico. We anticipate that this volume […]

Margaret Berrier Elected to ARARA Board

Margaret (Marglyph) Berrier, one of the Jornada Research Institute’s rock art researchers has been elected to the American Rock Art Research Associations (ARARA) board of directors. Marglyph has been a member of ARARA since 1988. Previously Marglyph has served on many of the ARARA committees including the education, scholarship, and awards committees. She hopes to […]