NOTE OF Appreciation: Jornada Research Institute  would like to express its appreciation to The Rotary Club of Alamogordo asa generous supporter of the Tularosa Basin Conference.



The 2019 Tularosa Basin Conference is scheduled to be held in Tularosa at the Community Center, located at 1050 Bookout Road (across from Lowe’s Grocery Store) on May 17 and 18. Tours will be conducted on May 19.

At this time we are asking for abstracts to be submitted by March 15th. Presentations will be limited to 25 minutes; a projection system will be available for each power point presentation. We will only be able to accept 22 presentations to fit into the time that we have access to the Community Center. Therefore, if you are interested in presenting, please submit your abstract as early as possible.

The Tularosa Basin Conference focuses on a broad array of topics, including (but not limited to) archaeology, history, ethnohistory, Native American studies, geology, geomorphology, biology, botany, paleontology, rock art studies and other appropriate subjects. We anticipate papers in all or most of these categories. Although we focus on the Tularosa Basin and its immediate adjacent environs, we accept topics from adjacent areas that possess a link to the Tularosa Basin.

To help offset the cost of the conference, we encourage each presenter to prepare a paper that can be included in the Conference Proceedings. The proceedings will be assembled into publication format and sold. Contributors will receive a copy for no charge.

As in past years, participation/attendance counts toward continuing education credits with the State of New Mexico. As defined, 8 hours are granted for attending the conference, an additional 8 hours granted for presenting a paper, and an additional 16 hours granted for your paper being included in the conference publication volume.

Conference registration is $40.00. Registration for Seniors and Students (with a current student ID) is $25.00. Those who are current members of Jornada Research (as of May 1, 2018 to May 15, 2019) will receive a $5.00 discount on their registration fee and discounts on the purchase of JRI publications and other items, such as T-shirts and Josephina Javelina coffee cups (Josephina Javelina says “Give a Grunt, don’t pot hunt!”.

Any organization or firm that wishes to help support the conference with a monetary donation will receive recognition of their support and discounts on publications and discounts on registration for individuals attending the conference.

This year’s conference will begin Friday afternoon (May 17). Registration at the door will begin at 3:30 at the Community Center. Papers will begin at 4:00 pm. We will then move to 308 Granada Street (currently known as the Dry Goods Store) where we will have live music by the Regulators,refreshments, and time to visit. With your registration, you will receive two coupons to redeem at the Dry Goods Store for your choice of wine or craft beer provided by the Tularosa Winery. Doors will open on May 18 at the Community Center at 8:00 am with registration at the door beginning at that time. Coffee and donuts or the like will be made available at the Community Center. We will break for lunch from 12:00 to 1:00 and resume in the afternoon until all papers are presented. Sunday, May 19, will be tours to Creekside Village and Three Rivers Petroglyphs.

A program with abstracts will be made available on this website as soon as possible prior to the conference. Additional events and updates will also be announced on-line. A preregistration form and JRI membership form can also be downloaded from the JRI website. We encourage preregistration to aid the registration process at the door. Preregistration can also be completed by using the “Donate” button on the JRI website.

We look forward to receiving your abstracts and seeing you at the conference.

Friday, we will have great live music as The Regulators (classic rock, folk/rock, blues and original songs) will be performing from 7:00-9:00PM at the historic Tularosa Dry Goods Store. Don’t miss them!