History and Ethnography Via Radio in Southern Arizona

Since last fall Deni Seymour, with her O’odham colleagues, has been broadcasting a new radio show at KWAK, 102.5 fm: A:cim Wa:k O’odham / Us: Wa:k O’odham. This is a community radio station heard throughout much of the San Xavier del Wa:k and Tucson area. They provide a program on the history and ethnography of the […]

Deni Seymour Wins Prestigious Award

Deni Seymour’s paper, “‘To Take Death From The Enemy’: The Juh-Cushing Battle Site,” was awarded both the Goldwater and the Bufkin prizes at this year’s Arizona History Convention! Each prize comes with a plaque and a cash award. The Goldwater is the award for the Best Convention Paper on Arizona History and the Bufkin is […]

JRI Holds ARPA Training Class in Albuquerque

On May 1stand 2nd, JRI Research Associate Jeffery Hanson conducted a training class on the looting and vandalism of archaeological sites. The class combined classroom instruction on the history of archaeological protection laws, the essential provisions of the archaeological Resources Protection Act, federal looting investigations, ethics, the use of site records and reality TV and […]