We are planning to be at Creekside again this weekend. Its going to get hot, so we are planning to meet in Tulie at 6:30 at the wye and then work till 1 or 2 pm, or whenever it gets too hot! Bring plenty of water and sun protection. We do have a shade next to the kiva and it really helps to get under it and cool off. Its been wet here so the humidity level is up.

If you have not been following along or have not been able to attend, we have had some really great presentations in Tularosa at the historic Tularosa Dry Goods Store in conjunction with the Tularosa Arts and History Council. The Dry Goods Store is located in the heart of the Tularosa downtown historic district. These are scheduled for Friday evenings, usually once a month. The next one will be by Robert Dello-Russo (University of New Mexico) on Water Canyon, a PaleoIndian site near Magdalena. Dr. Dello-Russo has been working at this site for several years. This presentation will be held on August 24th at the Dry Goods Store at 6:30. The next day, we will tour Creekside Village. We will meet at 7:30 at the wye in Tulie and then caravan to the site. It will be about a 3hr tour. Bring water, sun protection and a snack. Long pants are recommended as the rains have encouraged the scratchy vegetation to narrow our trails.

On September 28th, Joan Price (Jornada Research Institute) will be presenting on Images in Clay and Stone (comparing Mimbres pottery designs to rock art elements at Three Rivers). This is a Friday and we will get started at 6:30. There are some intriguing similarities, so don’t miss this.

On October 26, Tim Schoonover (Four Corners Research) will be presenting on an assemblage of cartridges that were found along Tularosa Creek and the implications of the site and the assemblage.

And, on November 16th at the Dry Goods Store, David Greenwald will be presenting on the latest efforts at Creekside Village. In addition, JRI will release the first volume of the Creekside investigations for those who would like to purchase a copy.