On Tuesday, April 25th and Wednesday April 26th, JRI Research Associate Jeffery Hanson conducted a training workshop on the looting and vandalism of archaeological sites. The workshop was hosted by the US Bureau of Reclamation Albuquerque Area OFfice. JRI would like to thank AAO and specifically AAO archaeologist Mark Hungerford for his gracious assistance and expertise. The workshop was attended by 10 cultural resources personnel, including folks from the Pueblo of Santa Clara, the Mescalero Apache Tribe, US Forest Service, National Park Service, and private CRM firms. The workshop involved classroom and field components. In the classroom, attendees learned about and discussed relevant antiquities laws including the Archaeological Resources Protection Act, characteristics of looters and vandals, how to recognized the signs of site damage, the use of site records in developing data bases on looted and vandalized sites, field recording of site damage and more.