The first volume of our research efforts at Creekside Village is at the printers now and will soon be available for distribution. RECONSIDERING THE MESILLA PHASE IN THE TULAROSA BASINprovides a summary of preliminary investigations at this large village and irrigation community settlement in Tularosa Canyon. In the volume, David Greenwald examines major elements of the site, which are highlighted by a great kiva, irrigation systems, agricultural terraces, perhaps 200 pit houses, a reservoir and a modified artesian spring. The volume provides discussions regarding changing perspectives on subsistence strategies, socio-political organization, and residence patterns during the mid-to-late Mesilla phase. As a result of investigations by JRI researchers and volunteers, this volume demonstrates that the early Formative period of the Jornada Mogollon possesses similar developmental attributes as found in other areas of the Southwest. The volume reflects the first four years of research at Creekside Village and identifies additional studies and data needs. The volume will be available for purchase at a special price of $23.00 (plus shipping), and is the first in a series of reports from this incredible site.